Where Do I Add My AdSense Code in Genesis?

AdSense can be a simple, hands-off way to monetize your website. Placing the ads is not always so easy however. If your website is built on the Genesis framework, here is how to easily add your AdSense code to the most profitable spots.

Where Should I Put My AdSense Code?

First things first, what’s the best place to put those ads? Google gives us some recommendations for higher conversions with their heat map:

This is a heatmap, the darker colored boxes are those Google sees as being the highest performers. Please note, you are not going to be able to stick ads in every placement you see above. Google limits the number of ads that can be shown on a page to three image ads and three text link ads per page. And, you need to consider your readers first. If your blog looks like a blazing billboard, your conversions will likely suffer, as may your search ranking. Content first, ads last.

My personal recommendations for placement as an AdSense beginner are the Leaderboard, which is located directly underneath your header and navigation menu, and your footer, which is located at the bottom of your site beneath your content. You can also place a third ad in your sidebar. I only recommend a sidebar ad if you are running a three-column site, or if you are placing the ad below the fold. Your above-the-fold placement should always be for your personal promotion – opt-in box, social network buttons, personal products for sale, etc.

Let’s Get Started

Let’s take care of those Leaderboard and Footer ads first as these will be the easiest.

In your dashboard, you should see Simple Hooks under your Genesis settings if I handled your WordPress Installation.

Within SimpleHooks you are going to see several boxes available. For your Leaderboard ad, you are looking for:

genesis_after_header Hook

After locating this spot, simply hop over to AdSense and create a 728×90 Leaderboard ad. Grab the code, and paste into the genesis_after_header Hook box in Simple Hooks. If you would like your ad centered, make sure your ad the necessary HTML.

<center>ad code</center>

For your Footer ad, follow the same steps (you can use a Leaderboard ad for this one also). This time put the code in the following box:

genesis_before_footer Hook

Save Changes, clear your cache is necessary, hop over to the front of your blog and make sure everything looks good.

For Sidebar Ads

If you would like to place an AdSense block in your sidebar, the easiest way to do this is through your Widgets. Navigate to the following:

  • WordPress Dashboard
  • Appearance
  • Widgets

Here you will want to drag a Text box from the left over to either your Primary (right) or Secondary (left) sidebar. Place your AdSense code into the Text box and Save. For your sidebar placement, you may want to try a 300×250 or 160×600 ad.

In-Post Ads

In-post ads can be a little aggressive on the reader, but they can also perform well depending on the blog. If you would like to place an ad after single blog posts, navigate to Simple Hooks and choose one of the following locations:

  • genesis_after_post_content
  • genesis_before_comments

My only problem with Simple Hooks for after-post ads is their placement. Rather than being placed immediately following the content, they are going to show up after any sharing buttons, related posts, etc. This makes them far less likely to be seen.

adsense in Genesis


If you want to use AdSense in your posts, I recommend a third-party plugin called Quick AdSense. This will give you more control over your in-post ads and also prevent numerous blank boxes from showing up in your post feeds. (Remember, Google only allows 3 ad blocks per type on a page. If your post feed contains more than 3 posts, the remaining will include blank spaces where those ads typically would show up. Ad Injection will allow you to customize those pages easily.)

If this is a little overwhelming or you are still a bit confused, feel free to contact me for a consultation or to take care of placing your AdSense code in Genesis. I’m always happy to help.