Need Blog Services? Then Hire a Blogger

As a solopreneur, time is always tight. There are 30 hours worth of daily tasks and only 24 hours in a day…and eventually, you are going to need to sleep. The first things to get shoved aside are usually your blog and social media accounts. But, these are two of the most important aspects of an online business. Before you contract someone for blog services, I have three words of advice – hire a blogger.

I know it may be tempting to outsource your blog to a faceless, low-rate freelancer, but you may end up doing more harm than good in the long run. It’s important to ask your prospective contractor if they have a blog of their own, if they maintain blogs for other clients and if they are actively involved in social media on a daily basis. Then ask for proof.

Content – If you need your new freelancer to create content for your blog, it’s important that it is up-to-par and inline with your message. A fellow blogger will either create the content themselves or outsource it to another qualified freelance writer or blogger. Quite a few of the lower rate contractors will outsource your content on sites like Elance or Odesk. The lower the hourly rate you pay them, the lower the rate they can pay for content. In many cases, these are not qualified writers and English may not be their first language. This content is not likely going to convert. It may even hurt your reputation.

Up-to-Date Knowledge – The online world is in a constant state of evolution. What works today may not work next week. Your fellow blogger is more than likely following trends for their own benefit. They can implement the latest and greatest tools and techniques quickly. If your contractor doesn’t have a personal stake in the online game, they may not keep up-to-speed with changes. This can leave your sites vulnerable.

Need Blog Services? Then Hire a Blogger

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Social Networking Is As Social Networking Does – If you need to hire someone to handle those social media accounts, do ask your contractor if you can take a look at their social profiles. If you are hiring a fellow blogger, I would hope this wouldn’t be an issue. The vast majority of us not only have one account, we have multiple accounts for each blog we own. Look for interaction. Want to see my most active accounts? Gladly – The Work at Home Wife on Facebook and The Work at Home Wife on Twitter. I have six other accounts in addition to those.

Promises of Social Return – I see these claims around in certain places, “I will get 500 people to Like your post.” Any time you see guarantees like this, you need to take a step back. The same goes for claims of followers, comments, etc. There is often automation or shady tactics involved. Those 500 Likes are useless if it is 500 fake accounts set up by the service provider. Those Likes are not going anywhere. The same goes for 500 fake Twitter accounts, Facebook Profiles, +1s and so on. There are no guarantees. Quality content wins. Low quality profiles come with low quality returns.

As you can see, if you need blog services hire a blogger that you can check into. This is your business and your reputation. Hire someone that is actively involved in the tasks you need accomplished.


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