Should I Update Old Posts?

For many bloggers, their blogging plan is “set it and forget it.” Once a post is published, they never care to go back and revisit the content. That is not the best plan of action. You should go back periodically and update old posts.

Change of Heart or Method РRegardless of your niche or experience, things are bound to change over time. Perhaps your previous recommendation has changed for personal reasons as you have gained experience. In some niches, the best tactics change on a regular basis. If your blog uses a recommended posts plugin to interlink related content, this can cause confusion for reader. In the post your reader lands on you are talking about Method A being the best course of action, when they hop over to a linked, related post you are stating Method B is the only way to go.

Affiliate Links – In some cases a blogger may get into affiliate marketing later in their game. Or, maybe new products or services have only recently came into the affiliate marketplace. You may be missing out on potential income if you do not revisit those old posts and include your referral link.

Google Placement – Google has been known to drop stale content from their rankings completely. With the release of the Fresh Update, we now know that updated content is more important than ever in search placement. Google periodically recrawls old content. If they see you have modified that old post, that content may have another chance to shine in the search results.

Should I Update Old Posts?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization can also change over time. Maybe that first keyword choice is now outdated and no longer effective. In other cases, you may have been a later bloomer in SEO. Perhaps your very first posts were not optimized at all. They never stood a chance to bring you traffic. With a little face lift, they may get their 15 minutes of fame.

Should You Update Every Post?

Probably not. If your blog includes personal musings about your journey in your selected niche, these posts likely do not need updating. Concentrate your time on those posts that have out-of-date information, are potential income sources or are still relevant but didn’t get face time in the search engines their first time around. These revisions may take some time, but it can certainly be worth it.

If you need help updating those old posts, contact me. Let’s give that old content a second chance to shine.¬†

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